Sunday lunch with family. The best time of the week. Il pranzo della domenica penso sia il più bel momento della settimana.

Happy sunday!!! First of all thank you very much. My blog… no, OUR blog was born a week ago and I had a lot of visitors and a lot of followers. I’m really happy.

Do you remember my first recipe? Risotto with pumpkins. I cooked yesterday and it was so tasty.

Today I want to write a recipe for sunday lunch, the best time of the week. Every family can stay all together, have fun, talk and discuss about everything.

This recipe is from Trento, a wonderful city in north Italy. I was there with my lovely friend Giorgia and she introduced me her grandmother who teached me how to cook Orzotto alla Trentina.

Recipe for 4 persons (as always)

Wash under water 200 gr of barley. Cold water. Prepare your broth – as always – vegetal broth without meat. Cut a potato and a carrot (julienne style).

Cut one onion and put it in a pot with oil. Cook the onion for 10 minutes.

Then add …….I normaly use pasta di salame (like a salame shelled), I call it Tastasal. Do you remember the famous soprano Maria Callas? She loved tastasal in every soupe in winter. So, add 100 gr of pasta di salame.

Then add potato and carrot and barley. Mix everything. Occasionally add broth. Mix and add broth for 40 minutes. Your Orzotto is ready. Buon appetito.

I suggest to drink Pinot bianco or Pinot grigio. Enjoy your sunday lunch!!!!